About Us

Our Vision

Swirlys was born with the desire of providing the most luxurious dessert dining experience at the most affordable prices. We have sourced the best ingredients across the globe for all our dessert combinations and the perfect cup of coffee.

Our History

Swirlys was conceived in the summer of 2016 and brought to fruition in the Spring of 2017. We grew increasingly frustrated at the brightly coloured desserts cafes with glaringly loud music. We wanted somewhere that you could just go and talk with friends in luxurious surroundings with a nice atmosphere and ambiance.

Our Setting

Swirlys is based in the former Barclays Bank, which was built in the year 1913 by Leslie Thomas Moore. Its refined neoclassical design and magnificent architectural design led to it gaining Grade II listed building status 100 years after being built. Ilford has undergone many changes during the 20th century, and the building has been there to witness it all.